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Customized Embedded Computing Solutions Customized Embedded Computing Solutions
Implementation of your product idea from concept to serial delivery .MCTX Mobile & Embedded Computers GmbH focuses on the integration of embedded computing hardware into customer-specific system solutions, whereby we work closely with leading manufacturers in this technology segment. Our portfolio ranges from technology consulting and the delivery of key components to the...
Skalierbare Multi-Display Plattform ( ARM / x86 ) Skalierbare Multi-Display Plattform ( ARM / x86 )
Highly integrated electronics platform for x86 and ARM-based multi-display applications and touch control units The MX-Q7-MM2 enables a large number of common IO scenarios in the area of visualization and user interface applications - with an optimized unit price and without costly hardware designs. The rapid rise in market penetration of tablet PCs in the consumer market...
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conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0 Evaluation Carrier Board conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0 Evaluation Carrier Board
Das conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0 Evaluation Carrier Board für congatec Qseven-Module auf Basis des Industriestandards Qseven 2.0 ermöglicht den schnellen Projektstart für die Entwicklung mit Qseven-Modulen. Das conga-QEVAL Evaluation Carrier-Board ermöglicht einen idealen Einstieg bei der Entwicklung mit Qseven-Modulen. Die IO-Signale des Qseven-Moduls sind auf Stecker geführt....
conga-QA7/x6425E-16G eMMC64 conga-QA7/x6425E-16G eMMC64
conga-QA7/x6425E-16G eMMC64 - Qseven Modul von congatec mit CPU-Variante Intel Atom x6425E - Artikelnummer: 015800 - Hersteller-Beschreibung: Qseven module with Intel® Atom® x6425E quad core processor with 1.8GHz core frequency up to 3.0GHz, 1.5MB cache, 16GB 3733MT/s LPDDR4x onboard memory and 64GB eMMC onboard flash. Technische Details siehe Datenblatt.
Engineering Kits & Rapid Prototyping Engineering Kits & Rapid Prototyping
For evaluation, benchmark tests and so that our customers can start developing their application software as quickly as possible, we first implement a development kit ("Software Target") based on the intended key components. In the simplest case, this is based on the evaluation board from the manufacturer of the CPU platform in combination with additional standard hardware....