Engineering Kits & Rapid Prototyping

Engineering Kits & Rapid Prototyping

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  • MXA10081
  • For COM Express, COM-HPC, SMARC, Qseven and NVIDIA JETSON CPU modules, we offer the Engineering and Production of your application-specific Carrier Board and other System Integration Services on request. Here we draw on experience and function blocks from designs that have already been implemented. Our service portfolio can be found in the "System Integration" menu.
For evaluation, benchmark tests and so that our customers can start developing their application... more
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For evaluation, benchmark tests and so that our customers can start developing their application software as quickly as possible, we first implement a development kit ("Software Target") based on the intended key components. In the simplest case, this is based on the evaluation board from the manufacturer of the CPU platform in combination with additional standard hardware.

Rapid Prototyping

After the product concept of a new product is in place, we usually implement one or more proof of concept prototypes for your project in the next step, with the help of which the basic functionality of the assembly or the system can be checked. This increases security during subsequent product development and allows our customers to show potential customers a prototype that is close to series production. This step often results in specification changes due to customer requests or because potential conceptual weaknesses of the concept are identified during the test.

With rapid prototyping, we realize a prototype that is as close to series production as possible, consisting of hardware, software and mechanics, whereby the implementation time is usually the main focus. Typically, prototyping services such as 3D printing and circuit board manufacturers specializing in small series are used.

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