conga-QKIT - Qseven Evaluation Kit

conga-QKIT - Qseven Evaluation Kit

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  • 077455
  • For COM Express, COM-HPC, SMARC, Qseven and NVIDIA JETSON CPU modules, we offer the Engineering and Production of your application-specific Carrier Board and other System Integration Services on request. Here we draw on experience and function blocks from designs that have already been implemented. Our service portfolio can be found in the "System Integration" menu.
This complete kit provides the ability to start evaluating Qseven®modules immediately.... more
Product information "conga-QKIT - Qseven Evaluation Kit"

This complete kit provides the ability to start evaluating Qseven®modules immediately.

  • Qseven Starter Kit
  • All accessories out of the box
  • Immediate evaluation for Qseven


  • 007003 conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0 Evaluation board for Qseven modules (rev. B.4)
  • 011115 conga-LDVI/EPI LVDS to DVI converter board with EEPROM
  • 033331 cab-LVDV-DAT-34-15 34-pin, 1mm pitch, 15cm ribbon cable for LVDS data 
  • 052147 cab-LVDV-PWR-10-15 10-pin, 15cm, RM 1,27mm ribbon cable for LVDS power (conga-LVDI/EPI)
  • 2 x 48000029 SATA III cable Standard SATA-cable, 30cm, straight-straight
  • 500016 ATX power supply FSP180-50LH, max 180 W (150 x 81.5 x 40.5 mm)
  • 500030 conga-DP/HDMI adapter 4k adapter for HDMI
  • 85500008 conga-Qkit/x86 QSG Quick Start Guide
Formfaktor: Qseven
Hersteller: congatec
Produkt-Typ: Computer-On-Module
Optional: MCTX Carrier Board Design & System Integration Services
Produktfamilie: Evaluation Kit
Produkt: conga-QKIT/x86
Artikelnummer: 077455
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