OEM Chassis for conga-IC370, conga-IC175, conga-IA5

BlackRay-T Series Chassis for Thin Mini-ITX boards such as the conga-IC370, conga-IC175,... more
Product information "OEM Chassis for conga-IC370, conga-IC175, conga-IA5"

BlackRay-T Series Chassis for Thin Mini-ITX boards such as the conga-IC370, conga-IC175, conga-IC170 & conga-IA5 mainboards from congatec. The housing is suitable for a variety of embedded computing and business applications.

The robust black steel housing is equipped with a brushed aluminum front plate. The compact (195 x 187 x 45mm) housing has Vesa-compatible holes on the back, a mounting option for a Kensington lock and an integrated 40 x 10mm system fan. The BlackRay-T MC-BRT-01 can thin mini-ITX mainboards with CPUs up to approx. 35W tdp.

Despite its small height, the MC-BRT-01 can be equipped with a 2.5 “SSD or hard disk.

Modified (OEM) Variants

On request, we also offer the MC-BRT-01 housing in a modified form as an OEM version, e.g. with customer-specific printed front panel or bundle with mainboard, customer-specific peripheral components - right up to the completely assembled and tested system unit in your desired configuration in OEM packaging.

Customized System Solutions

Our focus is on realizing SOLUTIONS for our customers. Depending on the requirements of the specific project we can offer the complete range of product engineering, starting from the chiplevel/boardlevel hardware platform up to market-ready, fully-integrated system solutions.

Delivery of pre-assembled and pre-configured assemblies

On request, we can supply all of the assemblies we offer in series with cooling solutions, memory and I/O components and preconfigured BIOS default settings as per customer specifications. We will gladly assist you in creating the BIOS image with your bootlogo and the required default settings.

To match our CPU boards, we have a variety of system components, such as enclosures, cooling solutions, peripheral components, memory components and cable assemblies, with which we can offer short-term system configurations tailored to the requirements of the respective project. Many of these components can be delivered from stock in order to allow the rapid development of proof-of-concept prototypes.

Build-to-order service for customer-specific system configurations

Many of our customers would like to select the key components for their systems, but they see no added value in integrating the system components themselves and assembling the systems in production quantities.

Tailored solutions - even for smaller projects

With the right system concept, solutions that meet the requirements do not require high minimum order quantities. Bridging the gap to conventional information technology contributes to cost-optimized solutions in many of our projects.

Depending on the requirements of your project, we offer you a customized version of a standard product, a customer-specific solution based on modular function blocks or a completely customer-specific development.

On request we offer the following services:

- Design and implementation of project-specific system configurations according to requirements profile
- Configurable standard configurations based on pre-qualified components
- In-house development and SMD assembly of customer-specific assemblies and carrier boards
- 3D design of housing components, mechanical modifications and rebranding of standard systems
- Assembling customer-specific systems
- Configuration and installation of customer-specific BIOS and operating system / software images.
- Delivery of systems and preassembled material kits in customer-specific packaging including accessories such as documentation, power supply or cable sets.

Get in touch with us to discuss about your requirements. Together we work out a system concept tailored to your application.


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