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Realization of mobile measuring instruments, test systems, diagnostic terminals, hmi units... more
Product information "Customized Mobile Computer Hardware"

Realization of mobile measuring instruments, test systems, diagnostic terminals, hmi units and other mobile devices

 - Engineering of hardware, software and mechanical components
 - Modification of existing mobile computers
 - Integration of customer-specific IO hardware
 - Connection and integration of sensors and fieldbus interfaces and image processing units
 - Electronic development and mechanical design with modern 3D tools
 - Firmware & software development for Windows, Linux and Android - based systems
 - Modification and new development of housing components
 - Rapid prototyping
 - PCB production, system assembly, final production test
 - Delivery of pre-configured systems with pre-installed software components
 - Customized cable sets, carrying devices, and other accessory components
 - Branding according to customer specifications

Our development department with in-house SMD electronics production implements customer-specifically modified mobile computer configurations, e.g. the integration of sensors and customer-specific I/O interface configurations. We use a large number of existing modules and library components from systems that have already been implemented. In addition, we can also deliver the mobile computers preconfigured for the customer on request and as a bundle with additional components according to the requirements of our customers.

Customized robust mobile computers - needs-based systems also for smaller series

In the mobile computing technology area, we implement robust handheld computers, tablet PCs and notebooks - adapted to the requirements of the respective project - for use in professional applications indoors and outdoors.

Our mobile computers are based on powerful and energy-saving processors in different architectures (Intel x86, ARM, NVIDIA Jetson) and performance classes. Depending on the device platform and application profile, Windows, Android or Linux operating systems are used. Operation is via high-contrast, high-resolution touch displays. Almost all of our mobile computers are dust and waterproof and are tested according to military standard MIL-STD 810 methods for resistance to water, moisture, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, drop and temperature.

One of our core competencies is the modification of mobile computer systems in order to optimally adapt them to the specific requirements of our customers.
Depending on the requirements, we offer you both our own developments and robust tablet PCs, laptops and notebooks from well-known manufacturers. Since it was founded in 2010, MCTX Mobile & Embedded Computers GmbH has been working with various industry-leading providers of robust mobile computers and has since implemented a large number of customer projects with the robust tablets and handhelds.

In addition, we have the appropriate know-how and equipment to develop and produce customer-specific mobile computers for specific requirements. Our development department with its own SMD electronics production also realizes more special customer-specific requirements such as the integration of sensors and peripheral interfaces. We also offer the mobile computers preconfigured for specific customers and as a bundle with additional components.

Our team draws on many years of experience in the implementation of project-specific system solutions in a wide variety of application areas and offers its customers support in the implementation of highly innovative projects.


The robust mobile computers are used, among other things, as mobile data acquisition systems, diagnostic terminals and in a wide variety of applications in the fields of measurement technology, sensor technology, testing and validation:

  • Development, Testing and Validation of semiconductor chips (e.g. LTE & 5G SoCs)
  • Quality management, service, maintenance and inventories in a wide variety of areas such as infrastructure, agriculture, forestry and industry
  • Field testing, monitoring/screening and mapping of cellular and LPWAN networks
  • environmental measurement technology and geophysical applications
  • as diagnostic terminals for different machines, vehicles and devices
  • as demonstration devices for peripheral hardware and mobile software applications

Customer-specific mobile computers - project specific system solutions, also for smaller series

With the right system concept, application-oriented solutions do not require large quantities.
Bridging the gap to conventional information technology contributes to cost-optimized solutions in many of our projects. Depending on the requirements of your project, we offer you an adapted version of a standard product, a customized solution based on modular function blocks or a completely customized development.

Our customers include companies, research institutes and other organizations that use our mobile computers to provide their teams with powerful tools to facilitate their work processes and to document the activities carried out.

Integration of Peripheral Hardware and Sensors

Commercially available mobile computers today offer Ethernet, USB, WLAN and Bluetooth interfaces with which they can be connected to networks and commercially available (external) peripheral hardware. However, it often makes sense to integrate certain IO functionalities into the mobile computer system and to preconfigure frequently used functionalities in order to enable efficient use.

Our "technology kit"

For the implementation of project-specific hardware configurations, we draw on existing know-how and a wide range of existing modules and library components from systems that have already been implemented:

  • Implementation of customer-specific systems from concept development to series delivery
  • Electronics development, 3D mechanical design (housing parts, cooling concepts, carrying devices, etc.)
  • Integration of PCI Express and USB-based IO technologies
  • Various interface cards for a variety of different sensors
  • Development of customer-specific peripheral cards in form factors such as M.2 or Mini PCI Express ( mPCIe )
  • Digital IO, multi-channel ADC/DAC, optical interfaces, incremental encoder
  • Fieldbuses (CAN, LIN, RS232, RS422/RS485)
  • Wireless units for LPWAN and Near Field Communication (including LORA, My IOT, BLE, NFC, RFID, ENOCEAN, ISM, Z-WAVE)
  • Positioning hardware (GPS and GNSS technologies, LIDAR, magnetometers, multi-axis accelerometers and attitude sensors)
  • Integrated cameras and image processing hardware
  • 2D and 3D barcode scanners
  • Optical sensors, thermal imaging cameras

On request we offer you the following services:

  • Conception and implementation of customer-specific system configurations according to the requirement profile
  • Configurable standard configurations based on pre-qualified components
  • In-house development and SMD assembly production of customer-specific printed circuit boards
  • 3D design of housing components, mechanical modifications and rebranding of standard systems
  • Assembly of customer-specific systems
  • Configuration and installation of BIOS, operating system and software applications
  • Software development (fully customized or based on existing modules)
  • Delivery of preconfigured systems in customer-specific packaging including accessories such as cases, carrying devices, documentation, power supply units, external sensors, cable sets, etc.

The realization of a customer-specific embedded computing project or an application-specific mobile computer solution is always preceded by thorough discussions with the customer in order to precisely define the scope and requirements.On this basis, we develop a concept that meets your expectations. In close cooperation between development and production, your tailor-made solution for your project is then created.

Please feel free to discuss your requirements with us. Together we will develop a system concept tailored to your application.

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