BlackRay-TAQ441 - High Speed DAQ

BlackRay-TAQ441 - High Speed DAQ

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The PCI Express based BlackRay-TAQ441 High Speed Data Acquisition & Recording Platform from... more
Product information "BlackRay-TAQ441 - High Speed DAQ"

The PCI Express based BlackRay-TAQ441 High Speed Data Acquisition & Recording Platform from MCTX Mobile & Embedded Computers represents a compact and powerful multichannel PCI Express based Data Recording Platform to handle and store data from high speed sensors or other external data sources.

In the current version of the BlackRay-TAQ441 base unit is realized with a mobile, quad-core Intel® Core™ i7 Quad-Core-Processor which has a 1.8 GHz base frequency that can be temporarily scaled up to 4.6 GHz to enable high-performance burst cycles. It also enables efficient task scheduling and supports hypervisor software for additional optimization of I/O throughput between input channels and processor cores. Depending on individual requirements of the specific use case the modular system concept of the BlackRay-TAQ441 allows the base unit to be stuffed with other processor platforms as well.

For local data storage, the system can be equipped with two PCIe-based NVMe* solid-state drives (SSDs) and up to three SATA* 3-based SSDs or hard drives to realize several terabytes of nonvolatile storage. In addition, Intel® Optane™ memory can be used to optimize the efficiency of complex algorithms.

For precise positioning and accurate timing, the unit is available with an integrated precision multiband GNSS receiver. This supports GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou satellite systems and dead reckoning functionalities.

The unit features a 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet port and integrates two M.2 sockets, which can be equipped with a 5G wireless modem card as well as Wi-Fi/Bluetooth* interfaces.

The data recording platform is ideal for a broad range of mobile or stationary applications where bandwidth-intensive data streams must be processed and recorded. It can act as a data processing unit/recorder with a direct connection to high-speed sensors or as a central hub for distributed data sources. Some use cases include camera-, lidar-, or radar-based 3D imaging, mobile mapping, 3D object recognition and classification, or wireless network monitoring.

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