BlackRay-ITM1 Secure PC Box

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  Originally developed for the development, testing and validation of PCIe-based 5G modem... more
Product information "BlackRay-ITM1 Secure PC Box"


Originally developed for the development, testing and validation of PCIe-based 5G modem SoCs, the system is suitable for a variety of applications where a powerful x86 CPU is to be flexibly coupled to PCIe and USB-based high-speed peripherals.

PC Platform
The BlackRay-ITM1 mainframe is based on a small form factor industrial pc mainboard with low power CPU. The mainboard is located on the bottom area of the BlackRay-ITM1 unit.

Removable DUT Mounting Plate
By exchanging the DUT mounting plate the ITM1 can easily be adapted to all kind of application hardware without the need of redesigning the mainframe chassis.

Precautions against unintended Access
The removable top cover of the BlackRay-ITM1 unit is secured with a lock, furthermore the ITM1 mainframe offers a fixation slot for connecting a Kensington Lock.

Stainless Steel Chassis
The unit is fittet with a robust powder-coated chassis. Both Chassis as well as DUT Mounting Plate are made of stainless steel.

The chassis frame is equipped with a grounding screw (not shown on the renderings) to attach ground wire to grounding point at site.

Made in Germany
The BlackRay-ITM1 unit was engineered and is manufactured in Germany.

The realization of a customer-specific PCIe project is always preceded by thorough discussions with the customer in order to precisely define the scope and requirements. On this basis, we develop a concept that meets your expectations. In close cooperation between development and production, your tailor-made solution for your project is then created.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements with us. Together we will develop a system concept tailored to your application.


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