MCTX Mobile & Embedded Computers GmbH

MCTX Mobile & Embedded Computers GmbH offers Value Added Distribution and System Integration Services. We help OEMs to realize their systems based on embedded computing technology. OEMs come to us with their product ideas, we analyze them and and get back to them with a concept for the right  CPU platform, support them during the enginering phase to create a snappy product. Afterwards we deliver the key components like e.g. CPU board, cooling solution, memories, display,and customized cable sets for series production as a kit or sub-assembly.

Our product and service portolio is targeted to original equipment manufacturers. We over a well-organized potfolio of Computer-On-Modules and "professional" Single Board Computers.

Our low-cost, easy-to-integrate products were developed specifically for use in long-life OEM systems and offer features such as long-term availability, scalability and form-fit-and-Function compatibility.

For the majority of products that we offer, we are an authorized distributor of the respective product manufacturer such as congatec AG, one of the worldwide leading supplier of Computer-On-Modules. Our team supports OEM companies in designing in Compurer-On-Modules since several years and we use these as platforms for our own products, too.

Module-Store - our B2B Shop

For each product which we offer in our B2B shop you can find in the corresponding category suitable development systems and a wide range of accessories like. e.g. carrier boards, rapid prototyping kits, cooling solutions, storage media, cable sets, connectors or mounting hardware.

Engineering Sample Availability

In case of new products we unsually receive only a limited number of engineering samples in the early stage of the product. If you need engineering sample of a new product we kindly ask you to contact us using the contact form and provide a short description of your project including your complete contact data, project schedule and planned production volumes).

Design-In Support

The processor boards we supply can be found in a large number of products from well-known device manufacturers in sectors such as industrial automation, measurement technology, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, transportation or mobile data acquisition. We maintain intensive and long-term personal relationships with the well-established manufacturers of our products. A prime example of this is our collaboration with congatec AG as one of their leading distributors in Europe. We have been working closely with congatec since the company was founded and have also supported many of congatec's direct customers with rapid prototyping kits or proof-of-concept carrier boards for design-in.

Customized System Configurations

Often it is just the small things that decide the success of a product, such as the rapid availability of development systems, rapid prototyping kits, and custom display adaptations - or short paths to development engineers when commissioning a CPU board does not go smoothly as expected. Our team has many years of experience integrating Computer-On-Modules and Single Board computers into customer projects and proprietary systems. In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of embedded computing building blocks, we also offer engineering, support and manufacturing services upon request to help our customers to integrate the products into their product.

Qualified Consulting and Quoting

- Would you like qualified advice when choosing a suitable CPU module for your application?
- You want prices for larger quantities, delivery times and need a formal offer?
- Are you looking for an experienced partner to integrate the CPU modules into your system?

Please feel free to contact us without obligation.

Please note that we offer our services exclusively to Original Equipment Manufacturers. We do not sell to private persons or resellers.